31 January 2013

Natural Remedies For Fever, Flu, Sore Throat And Cough

Share from Teri Liew,OHUB

1. Sliced onion on the sole of feet cover with socks. Also put a few slices of onion around the little one.
2. For babies below 6months, mashed kunyit/turmeric and apply juice at the bridge of the nose to get the mucous flowing.
3. If your child is above 1, consider giving at least 500mg of Vit C every 2-3 hours. loose stools means it's too much so reduce to 250mg. i have given 1000mg every 2 hours to my kids during day time.
4. Squirt breast milk into nostril. Can help also.

1. Virgin coconut oil 5ml 3 times a day. together with increase vit c as per above.
2. Garlic Capsules have worked wonder for my girls. i give them bout 3-4 capsules before they sleep if they are coughing and within an hour, the cough will stop.. do it at the begining stage so more effective. i buy Kordel but if u can find any from MLM better still..
3. A glass of Apple Cider honey every 3-4 hours for kids above 1yo. 1 teaspoon of ACV into a glass of honey diluted according to taste.
4. For night coughs, toddlers old enough can be given unwashed jackfruits.(nangka)

1. Virgin Coconut Oil. 5 ml 3-4 times daily..
2. ACV honey sip throughout whole day..
3. For adults, if u gung ho gargle with cayenne pepper.

1. Increase vit C. drink lots of liquid
2. If u really must bring the fever down, try soak egg whites in small towel wrap little one's feet and wear socks over the towel.
3. Giving LO bath in apple cider vinegar can help too... in a tub, just add a capful of ACV..
4. Coconut Water works well too.

Corn Water remedy shared by Enid Tang.
Corn water is good for many disease such as major heart attack, cholestrol, high blood pressure, bladder problem etc. Boiled whole corns including the leaf, stalk ~ just drink the water.. Is good to prevent diseases... esp those fever not reduce at all.. Corn also can eat so no harm of trying.. The corn's hair (jagung chew in hokkien) can pour hot water and drinks like tea - better than tea ! One glass put half corn's hair pour hot water in drinks and pour again.. can used twice only ! Sharing knowledge!
I understand that taking vitamin c in high dosage may create some doubt and even fear... here's 2 links that have credible clinical studies on high dosage of Vitamin C for your peace of mind..http://www.vitamincfoundation.org/

Natural alternatives by Datuk Dr. Rajen M - writer in NST for holistic medicine and remedies. http://www.harum.com.my/female.php?id=146
So what do you do for a cough? There are lots of natural remedies and old grandmother\´s recipes.
Here\´s one that involves stuff that you may find in your kitchen - honey and garlic - and some sunlight.
    1. Peel a handful of garlic pips
    2. Crush lightly
    3. Add to a jar of honey
    4. Seal the jar tightly
    5. Leave by the window where it can get sunned regularly
    6. Allow to stand for two weeks. This can then be kept in a refrigerator for better long-term preservation.
The dosage for both dry and productive cough is one to three teaspoons, two to three times a day. After consuming this formula, do not drink or eat to allow the \"cough syrup\" to remain in the throat area for a little longer.
Honey has a powerful demulcent (soothing) effect on the throat. Garlic, especially when \"aged\" and \"sunned\", is activated and becomes one of Nature\´s most powerful antiseptic formulas.
Another simple treatment to break thick and stubborn mucus is warm salt water. Water is a powerful immune stimulant. Warm water makes you sweat and this too wakes up a sluggish immune system. Salt is used both to \"dilute\" and \"break\" your phlegm. That is why phlegm is somewhat salty.

When and How to Use a Garlic Poultice
A garlic poultice aids most illnesses. e.g. cold or flu, especially if there is a lot of wheezing or coughing going on. A small poultice can also be used on external wounds and held against the ear during an ear infection.

Homeopathy Remedies

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