24 December 2013

Inside The Vaccine - Mom And Dad,Please Read

1. The "scientist" has a point. If the anti-vaccines want to promote their stance, they should at least make sure all the important words are spelt CORRECTLY. Having said that, the "scientist" himself didn't know his "are" from his "and" anyway, so who's he to talk? 

2. Mercury and/ or thiomersal doesn't cause autism. Show me one UNBIASED study that proves that mercury does not cause neurological damage, that in turns produces a higher chance of a person getting autism. The thing is, Wakefield didn't claim that mercury directly causes autism, but causes neurological damages that MIGHT cause autism. Get your facts right. 

3. Aluminium phosphate. Well, I can't argue with the "scientist" since I already know that it is used to make the vaccine "work" better. And when I say work better, I mean putting our babies' undeveloped systems into OVERDRIVE. And we wonder why is it that we have so many kids or people with auto immune disorder nowadays. 

4. Ammonium sulphate. Dude, I know that bread and flour and perhaps a lot more other food that we consume contains ammonium sulphate. But get this, those are INGESTED, not INJECTED. By eating, this element goes through all our defence mechanism and our bodies gets to decide what to do with it. By injecting, you're bypassing everything and going straight into our bloodstream, and indirectly going into our hearts and brain. Oh, and for the record, I'm Asian and I LOVE RICE AND SELDOM EAT BREAD, THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONCERN.

5. You, my dear "scientist" are right, in that I do not possess a degree in biology. But Dr Sears has a MEDICAL degree, as do Dr Palvesky, Dr Tenpenny, Dr Wakefield, etc. Oh, you want someone in your field? How about Dr Tetyana Obukhanych, the Immunologist? Or Professor George Dick (yes, I'm aware of how funny his name sounds), the Biologist? Are you telling me that the qualifications that these people have are insignificant or less than what you have? In that case, I must find a way to let them know, that you, the "scientist" are defaming them of having unqualified qualifications and harming the lives of thousands worldwide. 

6. Do I want my kids to die an agonizing slow and painful death? Absolutely not. Do I want my kids to be injected with toxic substances that may or may not lead to an agonizing long life of vaccine injuries? Absolutely not. But it seems to me you do, but then again, maybe not. From a loving parent to another, whichever way you chose to follow, I wish you good luck. We all want the best for our children.

7. If I don't vaccinate means I don't love my children. Woah, that's a very mean thing to say to another parent. The world really needs less people like these. I have vaccinated my child with SOME vaccines and delayed (indefinitely) others. I respect parents who vaccinate, and/ or don't vaccinate their children because they, like me, are doing what they believe to be best for the well being of their children. Unlike you, I don't go around screaming my head off at pro-vaccine parents or telling their kids that their parents HATE them so much that they're silently killing them with vaccines (hey, everyone can access the Internet nowadays, who's to say my kid isn't or hasn't read your comment saying that if I don't vaccinate them means I don't love them). I don't mean to sound derogatory, if you don't have the decency to respect other parents, you have no role being a parent at all. 

This has been a rational, non-alcohol induced comment from a loving mom who would do anything to keep her daughter healthy and safe. And vaccination is not one of them, at the moment.

her original entry is here - http://notaprincessbebe.blogspot.com.au/2013/12/dear-drunk-angry-scientist-sincerely-me.html?m=1

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